What is BFTF?

Bishop Clifford and Pamela FrazierThe Battle For the Family's vision was born out of a troubling observation Pamela Frazier made early in the Fraziers' ministry. She said "Honey, it looks like all we're doing is putting out fires. There must be a better way to deal with the family issues we're handling." The Fraziers interpreted her observation as a divine call to them to focus attention on helping people realize the true value and worth of successful family living.

The result of their prayer, planning and commitment was The Battle For The Family vision. Its beginnings were small to be sure, but always focused in the monumental task of helping broken families, angry and disillusioned couples, abused and stunted children emerge from their pain through teaching, counseling and compassionate involvement in their lives to enjoy the blessings of wholesome family life.

From the start, the Battle for the Family concept was enthusiastically received. At first, The Battle for the Family vision was confined to a series of seminars and training sessions conducted each year in the month of February. With Valentine's Day being the weekend in February recognized as the weekend of love, and coincidently the same weekend of Clifford Frazier's birthday, it seemed that dedicating the month of February was an ideal way of promoting The Battle For The Family concept.

However, not even a whole month of intensive, focused and family specific events were sufficient remedies for the problems. People needed perpetual and long-term help. The Battle For The Family concept was expanded to a weekly series of classes designed to offer life-changing information to people in all categories of family living. The Fraziers designed programs for Married people that covered not only relationship issues but also money management, extended family management, and other strategies for helping people discover that wholesome family life was not the impossible dream.

Thinking that they had effectively responded to the mandate to help families, the Fraziers were satisfied that they were doing what needed to be done. Once again, though, Pamela was troubled. She observed, "Honey, do you realize that we have more singles than married people? And yet all of our emphasis is on married life. If we're not careful, we're going to alienate the largest population we serve." It was out of that observation that Battle For the Family vision fleshed out its total purpose. For if the battle was for the family, all members of the family must be served.

The Battle For The Family vision encompasses the realities of contemporary life. People are dealing with profound challenges. Gone are the picket fence 2.5 children traditional styled families. In its place are the realities of a new kind of family life. Single parent homes will soon out number dual parent homes, divorce recovery is a growth industry, people are remaining single well into their forties, child siblings have to deal with understanding why they don't call the same man father. Indeed this is not just a battle we are in a WAR!

The Battle for the Family vision broadened its horizons beyond the church house to go to the community at large. We started a daily, live radio broadcast titled "Straight From The Heart." This outreach was a combination of teaching and live phone call-ins where real life issues were ministered to right then and there. The response was overwhelming. The program began as a 15-minute show. The station manager convinced us to expand it to 30 minutes. Within months the show aired for an hour each day. The next step was obvious – television. The Battle For the Family vision launched the "Straight From The Heart" telecast on the DayStar Network.

But the vision could not be contained by our local area, soon the Battle For the Family vision started serving ministries, corporations and organizations around the country and the world. It is the expansion of the Internet, though, that has ushered in a new era in the Battle For The Family vision. Now, via the battleblog, Battle For the Family webisodes and webinars, life-changing teaching is available to people around the world.