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My Lover for Life Relationship Enrichment Program $199.99
My Lover for Life Relationship Enrichment Program

The Entire MARRIAGE Enrichment Program

This course is designed to meet the needs of individual couples, churches, ministries and organizations looking for resources for small groups, Life Enrichment Classes and Sunday School.  This package contains 2 DVDs; each DVD contains 5 powerful and insightful 1/2 hour video teaching sessions for a total of 10 video teaching sessions, 2 companion Workbooks that work with the videos and 1 Relationship Puzzle used in one of the exercise sessions.  In addtion, each video session contains 2 drama vignettes- one a disaster drama and one recovery drama per session.  For those using this program for small groups, please see our Groups Participant Kits or each couple can purchase the entire package for themselves. 

“My Lover for Life” Group Participant Kit/w Puzzle $50.00
“My Lover for Life” Group Participant Kit/w Puzzle

The Group Participants Kit  

This product is designed to serve the needs of those organizations using the "My Lover For Life" Marriage Enrichment Program for small groups and/or Christian Education classes.  This package is for each couple in the group or class and contains 2 Workbooks (one for the husband and one for the wife along with 1 Relationship Puzzle used during one of the session's exercises activity.   Feel free to contact the BFTF office to learn about volume discount pricing.

My Lover for Life Leader Resource DVD $25.00
My Lover for Life Leader Resource DVD

The Leaders Resource DVD   

Those organizations utilizing the "My Lover For Life" Marriage Enrichment Program for small groups, Christian Education programs or workplace training will benefit from the Leaders Resource DVD.  It contains tips on teaching/leading small groups, using our enrichment program and a special Login Code for Group leaders to gain access to our staff to answer questions or for referrals to our "911" with fragile couples or couples on the brink program.  Suggestions and games, ice-breakers to use with your group. BFTF updates and resources are also included in this DVD.  Please note, if you are leading a Small Group/Sunday Class you need the Leaders DVD.

My Lover for Life - Puzzle $15.00
My Lover for Life - Puzzle

The "My Lover For Life" Relationship Puzzle  

So many things in marriage seem confusing and all jumbled up.  Often, just like a puzzle, there is no overall picture to guide our thinking as we try to make sense of the pieces we have before us.  The MLFL Relationship Puzzle, used as a team building exercise in the enrichment program, is a good tool for reminding yourself that there is nothing you cannot solve when you work together.  Some people after having solved the MLFL Relationship Puzzle, frame it and put it up as a reminder for them.  We encourage you to use this puzzle as a thoughtful gift for all those you know could use a bit of encouragement..

Mind of a Man $30.00
Mind of a Man

Why won't he just talk to me? Why does he retreat when we have issues? Don't I have the right to go into his pockets? Where can a sista' get some help? We're glad you asked!

We invite you into the family room with Bishop Frazier as he shares with his daughters, single and married alike, what they need to know about his sons. In this 3-part series, he unfolds the list of do's and don'ts that were dictated from the very hearts of his sons.

Hear their heart and understand their mind. The benefits are, well, you know




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